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Described by some as the Bali of twenty years ago, Lombok is much more than that, having a unique culture which blends Balinese and Sasak traditions in warm and friendly environment. Lombok is uncommercialized with small tourist developments on the west and south coast, providing a laid-back and unhurried atmosphere for those seeking a truly relaxing holiday. It is an island of beautiful deserted beaches, lush tropical forests and waterfalls amid undulating mountains. The volcano, Mount Rinjani dominates the inland view while Bali's Mount Agung is clearly visible across the straits. The island of Lombok is a voyage of discovery, an idyllic holiday adventure. Travelers find an unspoiled tropical paradise so rare in today's crowded world.


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The two major ethnicities in Lombok are the Balinese and the Sasaks. Bugis and Javanese also contribute to the growth of a unique cultural tradition of Lombok. Hinduism is the primary religion embraced by The Balinese, while Islam is the predominant religion of The Sasaks. People mostly live by agriculture, and corn and sago are the primary staple. The growth of tourism supports the small and home industries of rattan and bamboo handicrafts, terracotta and ikat cloth.

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